The microbiology laboratory performs determinations based on official and/or recommended methods, both for agri-food and pharmaceutical products. It has a differentiated distribution of preparation and sowing areas and is designed to avoid crossing rows.

  • Counting and detection of a wide range of micro-organisms and microbial groups of interest in the agri-food industry.
  • Counting and investigation of micro-organisms in non-sterile cosmetic and pharmaceutical products.
  • Shelf-life, sterility and stability studies.
  • Water and environmental microbiology

  • On-site sampling of environments, surfaces and handlers in the food industry.
  • Suitability of methods according to European Pharmacopoeia.

  • Challenge test in cosmetic and pharmaceutical products.
  • Advice on handling and processes, to avoid the causes of the appearance of germs.

The laboratory also has a sterile area with laminar flow system and UV radiation.

Agri-Food Department

We have the most advanced technology and a highly qualified multidisciplinary team that guarantee our results.

Pharmaceutical Department

Pharmaceutical Laboratory in quality control authorised by the Spanish Agency of Medicines and Health Products applied in :

  • Physico-chemical analysis of medicinal products for human and veterinary use.

  • Microbiological analysis of non-sterile medicinal products for human and veterinary use.

  • Physico-chemical analysis of investigational medicinal products for human use in clinical trials.

  • Microbiological analysis of non-sterile investigational and human use medicinal products for clinical trials.

OFICE, S.L. performs a wide range of analyses in order to ensure compliance with current legislation, or other official codes such as pharmacopoeias:

The following techniques are available for their implementation::

  • Gas Chromatography– HeadSpace (GC – HS)
  • Liquid Chromatography. (HPLC)
  • Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometry (AAS)
  • Inductively Coupled Plasma Atomic Emission Spectroscopy (ICP/AES)
  • Infrared spectrophotometry. (IR)
  • Ultraviolet-visible spectrophotometry. (UV)
  • Potentiometry.
  • Thin layer chromatography. (TLC)
  • Microbiological techniques such as filtration, seeding, …

R + D + i

OFICE has its own R&D&I Unit that deals with:

  • The channelling, development, validity and implementation of new analysis methods for products for the agri-food industry.
  • Development or implementation of laboratory methods for pharmaceutical products, whether raw material or finished product, cosmetic or complement, according to current regulations and ICH recommendations.

  • Follow-up and advice on validation projects according to product requirements, whether for impurities, richness, cleaning validation, etc…

  • The introduction of new technologies in the laboratory.

He also collaborates with all internal departments for the continuous revision of existing analytical techniques in the laboratory.


Ofice adapts its collaboration to the needs and approaches of its clients with various forms of action, from specific consultancy to technical advice.

As an external quality department, our staff becomes your company’s technical team, developing, managing and/or implementing quality systems, completing records and supervising the adequacy of work systems.

We offer you a personalised service adapted to the needs of your company and/or product:

  • Conducting internal quality audits.
  • Implementation and monitoring: quality management system, internal quality control, external quality control through intercomparison tests, …
  • Set-up of tests, transfer of methods, organisation of the in-house laboratory.


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