It is no more and no less than 75 years since we opened the doors of the laboratory.

OFICE was founded in 1947, in the middle of the post-war period, as a reference laboratory for the analytical control of wheat, flour and other bread cereals. Over the years, the growing demand for testing and control services led the laboratory to expand and consolidate in new lines of work, specialising in those areas that affect the Agricultural Production and Distribution sector, Animal Nutrition, Human Food and Pharmaceutical Industry.

Throughout these years, we have had the privilege of growing for you and with you, overcoming all kinds of adversities and challenges, while also having the opportunity to celebrate your successes together. It has been, and still is, 75 years in which innovation, service vocation and personalised treatment have been part of our values, the pillars that have marked our path until today.

We are proud to be part of your projects. Thank you for being part of our history and our future.