Authorisations & Official Approvals

Member of the Asociación Española de Laboratorios Independientes (AELI) – Spanish Association of Independent Laboratories 

Ministry of Health and Consumer Affairs General Department of Quality Control and Testing.
Authorisation to carry out testing on cereals, legumes, flours and derivatives.

Department of Health Authorised as a laboratory for Environmental and Food Health.
Generalitat of Catalonia General Department of Agro-alimentary industries and quality.

Descargar en PDF (200 Kbs) Accredited to ISO 17025, with number 600, as a quality control laboratory to analyze Food Microbiology, Fertilizers, Feed and raw materials, Dairy products, Cereals and their by-products for third parties (laboratories, companies, individuals)(DOGC-núm 5433-31/07/2009).

Download PDF version (200 Kbs). Number 81 in the list of recognised Quality Control Bodies for the following product groups (in accordance with the Orders of 11 November 1998 and 30 January 2001 of the Generalitat of Catalonia):

* Dairy products
* Cereals and derivatives
* Legumes
* Confectionery, chocolate, honey and nougat
* Coffee
* Meat products
* Pre-mixes
* Animal foodstuffs
* Oils and fats
* Food microbiology
* Feeds and raw materials
* Fodder
* Animal health products
* Residues in foodstuffs, animals and feeds
* Basic analysis of food products
* Soils
* Fertilisers
* Plant health products
* Vitamins
* Testing for other company laboratories
* Analysis of metals in trace amounts